The Power of a Single Image

A picture is worth 1000 words. We’ve all heard that before. That saying is understated to say the least. One of anything, can have an enormous impact, a cataclysmic devastating effect, or the most beautiful event ever experienced––depending on what that one thing is. It could be a tsunami, a kind gesture, a movie, a song, a relationship; even something seemingly minimal as the right accessory to bring what might have been an otherwise mundane outfit, together. In our society, hyperspace is now the norm, and The Race To Nowhere, applies to everything. It is happening all around us. There is no pause button. There is no contemplation. There is no consequence. The images we are exposed to are often over rendered so that we no longer understand the simplicity and power of a single organic image, but are exposed to a montage of pictures that blur the lines between what is real and what is fiction. Our sense of reality becomes undefined. The over sensationalism, commercialism and exploitation numbs us. We turn away, and become desensitized. I feel that people want to pause, they have the desire to pause, but nobody else is going to pause so they remain in the race to nowhere. They do not pause for fear of being left behind. They are in the race but don’t know why.

This is the single reason I am a photographer. To incite contemplation. To create pause. For contemplation can bring awareness. And with awareness comes a hope for change. (click on the link to read his story)

The Worst Day Ever

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