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Everyone has their own point of view. No one sees things the same way, and although that’s what makes life interesting, it can also make it frustrating. Getting out of your own head space in order to experience something through someone else’s point of view is either an exercise in futility, or an opportunity to transform and grow.

I’ve had my food choices edited, my personal preferences edited, aspects of my personality edited. All the ways in which I choose to express myself in the world, edited. Even if it’s my own personal creation, someone will feel compelled to alter it.

Our society is in constant flux and we’ve been conditioned to feed off of the change itself, rather than considering whether something actually needs it or not.

However, there are those times when your point of view is understood, not misconstrued, and represented in the way it was intended. Thank you to the London Sunday Times Magazine for featuring my project “Displaced” in this past Sunday’s Spectrum Magazine issue.

LSTmag_Page_1Words by Emma Broomfield

Yvette the guinea pig awaits her weigh-in at the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine in New York City. She is just one of the patients photographed at the Center by Linda Kuo for her project Displaced. While pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits (top center) are perfectly welcome, the Center specialises in the exotic-and it has its work cut out in a city where unusual pets are increasingly popular. Recent patients include a red-eared slider turtle, pictured (top right) having its scales removed, a morning dove having its heartbeat checked (bottom right) and a uromastyx lizard (bottom centre) being kept warm under special lights after an operation. Every year almost half a million animals are imported into the US–legally–to meet the demand for exotic pets. Countless more are smuggled into the country as part of a $10bn-a-year international black market, second only to the illicit drug trade.

LSTmag_Page_2A white rat is put under anaesthetic ahead of surgery at the Center.

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