I read something once that said “If you can make more money, should you?” And I took that statement further to, “If you could (fill in the blank) should you?” Work harder, choose better, do better. If you can do more good, should you?

Today thousands of people are dying Easter Eggs. The white canvas, being the egg color of choice, as the backdrop to all the permutations and combinations of paas color tablets, glitter, sprinkles, stickers, and little plastic shrink sleeves with little chick and flower designs. Just for one day. You can’t dye the brown organic certified humane eggs, so those remain in the grocers case the week or two prior to the Easter Bunny’s debut. So, should you think “Well it’s just one day, just one egg dying event?” But in thousands of warehouses all over the nation, millions of hens are suffering dismal circumstances, to over produce to meet the demands of this holiday. Along with countless chicks and rabbits, that are used for displays, give aways, and impulsive Easter gifts, only to be abandoned and discarded at the end of the day. If you can choose better, should you? The pale blue/green eggs I chose for dying this year, were certified humane, and although not the optimal choice for a pastel palate of yellow and soft pinks, we turned out a creative display of eggs to our delight. And although they come at a premium price, I paid $2/dozen than the average certified humane brown eggs, the average person thinks nothing of spending $2 – 1/2 the price of a tall coffee at Starbucks. Every time you make a choice, they are cumulative to the person you become, to the energy you send out, to the example that you lead, to the message that you give.