Many Loves

Today is Valentine’s Day, and all about love and since 2020 is off to a rough beginning for the world, I thought I’d focus on the things I love to capture. Creativity comes in all forms, and though my true love is documentary projects with a special interest in social environmental issues, it’s the culmination of the fondness I have for other genres, that informs my work. Portraiture, editorial, children, nature and the animal kingdom. As our world strives to become more inclusive, #parasite #oscars #bestpicture and the lines are becoming increasingly blurred #nonbinary it’s becoming more and more evident, that a lack of transparency isn’t something that serves us. #politics #coronavirus and so I’m inclined this year, to showcase more of my inner truth.

A few select artists that inspire me with their unique brilliance, are far reaching and multi-faceted, and also not within my industry. Their genius comes in many forms. @hangfenghavefun @eddieleida @mquanstudio. Life is art.

Professor J-F Levy

Backstage between dance performances

African Gray with tiny e-collar

Adolescent Herring gull from the project “Displaced.”

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About Kuo Photo

Linda Kuo is a documentary photographer whose work centers on social-environmental issues, with a focus on the impact humankind has upon nature and the animal kingdom. It is the animal that solicits Kuo's projects, and most strongly connects her to the underlying sensibilities of her work. Linda feels that animals and nature are endowed with resilient mechanisms for survival, and posses the ability to continually adapt and yield to changing circumstances. However, their innate and intelligent systems of proficiency, are continually being stressed under the actions of humankind. With simplicity and openness, she hopes to create imagery that provokes consideration towards the preservation and responsible stewardship of our environment, and the sentient beings that inhabit our world. Linda has been nominated for PDN's 30: Emerging Photographers to Watch, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, The London Sunday Times Magazine, Slate, and Photograph. Linda's photography has been exhibited at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, The Center for Fine Art Photography, and the Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography in Barcelona among other national and international exhibitions. In addition to photography, Linda is a certified yoga instructor specializing in rehabilitation and injury, passionate about the violin, and interested in Asian culture. Linda lives in New York with her family and continues to work on her long term projects.